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Now owned by The Susan S. Donaldson Foundation (a 501(c)(3) nonprofit), Mereworth Farm was once a famous breeding and racing operation owned by three generations of the Salmon Family. The third generation, Susan Salmon Donaldson, so loved the industry and the great athletes themselves that, upon her death in 2011, she left the farm to the Foundation she created to provide equine aftercare.
Mereworth Farm is comprised of 1,200 acres in Fayette and Scott Counties, Kentucky, and is home to 175 equine residents of various breeds, though most of the horses are Thoroughbreds. We believe horses are athletes and if it is possible to rehabilitate and retrain a horse, then that horse needs to be trained for its first, second or even third career. If, however, retraining is not possible due to injury, infirmity or age, then the horse should have a place for retirement. Mereworth Farm provides such a place.


Mereworth Farm's Mission

Generally, a horse finds its way to Mereworth Farm through various accredited aftercare organizations that provide rehabilitation and retraining services. These organizations can tell us when an otherwise pasture-sound horse physically cannot have a new career. Again, it is our firm belief that horses able to have another career should have one, and efforts to rehab and retrain should be the first step if possible. Other horses not suitable for retraining come to Mereworth Farm after their owner has died, fallen on hard times or become unable to care for a horse. Regrettably, some horses come to us from neglect or abuse situations.
Mereworth Farm prides itself on the high standard of care provided to its horses. Everything one would expect of a commercial operation – including fields of lush bluegrass and miles of black plank fencing - is available to our residents, from veterinary, dental and farrier services to the hands-on attention of our employees, experienced horsemen who live on the farm. We limit the number of horses we accept in order to ensure individualized and meticulous care. The love Susan Salmon Donaldson had for horses was not defined or even affected by their commercial value or success. Before most people understood the need for equine aftercare, Susan saw the need and planned to address it. Mereworth Farm is her legacy.

Historic Scenery

As beautiful as any commercially operated farm, Mereworth Farm offers stone fences, solid barns, numerous paddocks and lush fields of bluegrass on which horses happily graze in retirement.


4985 Bethel Road
Lexington, Kentucky 40511

Phone & Fax

Office phone: +1 (859) 381-0173
Office Fax: +1 (859) 381-0174


Farm Manager, James T. Boyd
Director of Operations/General Counsel, Elizabeth S. Hughes

Mereworth Farm
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